Hiking For Your Brain and Soul

Hiking Stimulates the Brain and Heals the Soul

Working hard is awesome, but oftentimes in our current society with technology, our work seems to be a lot of office work and technology oriented. So our work becomes more about working our minds and it’s equally exhausting.

What I’ve found is a great refresher for the mind is working the body! Ever feel like you can’t think clearly? Or that you’re scatterbrained? Try going for a hike!Taking Time to Hike for Mind and Body

Hiking, and walking, is the best medicine for brain fog and not being able to think clearly.

Not only that, it gives you time to connect with your environment — which is beneficial especially if you live in the city. There are trees, insects, grass, flowers, and animals that cause us to pause and reflect. Oftentimes, even a place like a small park where you can walk and clear your mind.

Hiking in solitude is a chance to let your thoughts rest and connect with your spirituality as well. Just moving your body along the path gives your body a flow from your heart to your brain, and throughout your body and soul.

Your thinking becomes clear and your stresses can fade away. Make sure you get in your daily hike — for your brain and your soul!